One simple definition of organic is: of, relating to, or obtained from living things.

The pieces in this series come about in an organic manner in that during their creation they take on a life of their own. The final product is less the result of planned execution and more the natural consequence of the growth of a living organism.

Each piece is built up through the application of numerous layers using various colors, values, techniques and viscosities. The process starts with a basic blueprint regarding shape, color and technique but each layer greatly influences the subsequent layers. These influences are not limited to simply the visual effect early layers have on the later layers due to the transparency or partial coverage of the various layers but each of the previous layers have a direct impact on decisions regarding value, viscosity and coverage on all of the following layers.

The final image is the outcome of a feedback loop where previous decisions influence present and future decisions each step of the way. The ultimate result is not known and cannot be known until the process is complete.
Artist's Statement on the Organics Series